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Lummox JR wrote:
I agree that legally, fan sites and (free) fan games are much the same.
However, you should probably be aware (if you weren't
already) that such crackdowns on fan sites have in fact

Do a Usenet search for "Star of Alderaan" sometime. You'll come back with a number of postings, circa 1996, about Lucasfilm's attempts to crack down on Star Wars websites. Guess who the ringleader of the vocal opposition was. ;)

Corporate Dog
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Ter13 wrote:
no subscriptioon in fangames? You missed one, Final Fantasy Aftermath! and a dragonball Z one too, 'Just 50 dimes for life!', I forget the name, I'll look for it again.

No subscription in Fan Games allowed into the Games Listing (and Final Fantasy Aftermath is not in the Games Listing). The hub itself is just a directory service; Dantom can be held about as liable for having things in the hub as can be liable for referencing a site with swear words or condoning illegal activities.

(Hint: isn't liable. ;-) )

In other words, the Games Listing is Dantom's venue for posting higher-quality/more-complete games. It is obligated to police it because the submissions and approvals are handled by human representatives.

Of course, ignorance isn't an excuse under the law, so if a company ever did find violations on the hub directory (not the Games Listing), it could order Dantom to shut them down, even though they're not supported by Dantom.
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