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If you keep track of the player's speed in separate x and y components, gravity is a constant acceleration downwards. Every tick gravity decreases your y-velocity by a constant amount. Jumping increasing your y-velocity by a large amount (over several ticks, if you'd like to allow for variable-height jumps).

You can see a simple example of this type of movement here:

Thank you for providing a demonstration along with explaining what is actually going on. The jumping now looks natural.
I just got to playing it again since the first version. Running a lot better. Overall faster, which I like. I always complain about your pixel movement demonstrations in the back of my head for being too slow :P . The CPU really kicks up right when you get an area of slime moving after breaking down a wall.
I was fairly busy today, so I did not get a chance to implement cave-ins. But I did update the game with what little I have.

- Thanks to Forum_account, jumping now looks natural.
- You can now climb tunnels that are above you.

With the addition of climbing, I switched the "dig mode" key to 'tab' and climbing will be 'E'. Though, in order to climb, you must be out of dig mode and against a wall.

Fugsnarf: The CPU slightly increases when you initially go by slime that no mob has been near.

Once the world starts, every slime area is a 32x32 block. When a mob gets near it, the block will be broken down into 16 8x8 slime "particles". This causes a temporary spike in the CPU but I doubt it is anything detrimental.
Cool. Just came across this. I'm looking forward to seeing some more.


Mole Estation.

mole stration
this made my day
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