Code:I need someone to help make this work into a pop-up Death Note.
name = "Death Note"
icon = 'Icons.dmi'
icon_state = "DeathNote"
Write_Name(mob/M in world)
set src in usr
if(M.client == null)
if(usr.key == usr.key)
usr.text = input("What should the name be?","Enter the name")as text
M.cause = input("What should the cause of death be? (if blank it will be heart attack) ","Enter the cause of death")as text
if(M.cause == "")
M.cause = "heart attack"
if(M.n1 == usr.text)
M<<"You have been killed by a [M.cause]"
world<<"[M] has been killed of a [M.cause]"
usr<<"Nothing Happens..."
if(M.n1 == usr.text)
M<<"You have been killed by a [M.cause]"
world<<"[M] has been killed of a [M.cause]"

Problem description:needs to be a Pop-up death note like a Png file
(note:M.n1 is the players "real name"

Take a look in the DM Reference for browse()

The DM reference is located in dream maker under the tab Help --> Help On

Here is a link to the article on the web based DM Reference:
In response to AJX (#1)
ima test it now ty so much.
In response to Charliegrooms14 (#2)
that showed it to me on the browser i want it to pop-up like how it is in a game Called Mitadake High
In response to Charliegrooms14 (#3)
Read the reference, like he said.
In response to Kaiochao (#4)
i did read it and i used it can someone show me an example cause taht just makes it appear in browser
In response to Charliegrooms14 (#5)
Read the reference!

"This sends the html text or file to the user and optionally displays it in the web browser. The default action is to use the embedded browser panel in the Dream Seeker window; specifying an alternate window name (see below) causes it to appear in a popup window. Passing in 'null' for the html text causes the browser panel or named window to be closed. "
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so.... do i make the window in the skin >.< wtf i dont know how to do pop-ups worth a crap plz just do a example
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Third time, read the reference.

The option parameters should either be omitted or they should be in a text string of the following format:
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nvm i did it now how do make like a turn page -> on it?
In response to Kaiochao (#8)
HOW DO I MAKE A -> next page thing!!!!!
In response to Charliegrooms14 (#10)
Well, to make turn page simply add a button in the skin and make a command linking it to a proc like.. "Turn-page", and make the Death Note turn page proc change the skin window.