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Jul 17 2013, 1:47 pm
K So I Been Making A Naruto Game And Im Having Problems With The Exp Bar It Goes Like 64/8 Does Anyone Know How To Fix It?

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Another NNG: Enjoy fast leveling and PVP
by Xander993 | May 9 2012
Naruto:Last Stand,were NNG continues
The Original NNG
The Orginal NNG Brought back on a 24/7 server ! Active Playerbase and constant updates based on player suggestions.
by Maxie123 | Aug 14 2012
This game is a rip of NNG (Naruto next generation) it has fast training and enjoyable fast paced fighting.
Play in the world of Naruto!
New fun fast training PVP intensive game
by Swirlz of Death | Sep 5 2011
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