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Kaioken wrote:
I don't think that's what stopping them from purging keys at all, they probably decided not to regardless.

You're right, and I actually think a lot of it was on the basis of old hub/forum content. If you delete keys that are 2 years old, what do you do to any forum posts that the user made? If you delete those, then you have to delete any responses too. Now the forum suddenly sucks as an archive, because all we have to look back to are posts from the same users that are posting right now. Likewise, you'd have to delete their hub content, and a lot of old unused keys have good things on the hub.
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This should be obvious enough and go without saying, but if you'd do that, the key's account and all assorted content with it would be completely gone and wouldn't waste physical and page space. All you'd have left is the key's name stored internally in a list of deleted keynames.
I find your question quite funny as it implies the purpose of clearing keys in the first place would be to let them be used later by someone else, and not any different purpose - which would still be fulfilled irregardless when keeping a list of keys.
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We do this and then there will be old hub entries from older programmings that will be deleted, even though they're still completely useful...
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Could they keep said hub entries and whatnot there, only rename their creator with something like - "Key Deleted" or what-have-you, and then delete the key? That way, if someone does recreate the same key, the hub entries etc will remain "Key Deleted" (or whatever).
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Jeff8500 wrote:
It's already been stated that this would take way too much resources on the server's part and would be a waste.

Not to keep going off thread, but where has this been stated? They've done things like this in the past IIRC, and I recall Tom saying it wouldn't be a big deal to have the server go through hub entries and [do some predefined action based on some parameters].

Just curious where you're getting your info from.
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Not everything necessarily has to be deleted, as Spunky just implied - but that's of course not relevant to the discussion of possibly employing a method to prevent reusing keys and impersonating, but rather to the initial question of whether to delete keys in the first place.
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Spunky_Girl wrote:
Could they keep said hub entries and whatnot there, only rename their creator with something like - "Key Deleted" or what-have-you, and then delete the key? That way, if someone does recreate the same key, the hub entries etc will remain "Key Deleted" (or whatever).

There's still no reason to wipe keys.
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Lummox or someone said it down the line. Maybe it was Masterdan, or someone not so reputable, though, now that I think about it harder.
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I know this might never happen anytime in the near future (or at all for that matter), but for as long as there's a limit on the number of characters a key is allowed to have in its name, then yes, there is cause for a key wipe. And deleting the most inactive takes priority over those who remain active.
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I don't understand why this is still being discussed. This is not a developer issue. I haven't heard of anybody complaining that they couldn't find a key to use that was acceptable to them. Until the day comes where it is actually difficult to come up with an acceptable key, this isn't a concern for developers. This is a byond management issue (and a negligible one at that, in my opinion).
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Yes, but what happens when said key owner comes back after three years to say "YES! After three years of work i have finally come up with a way to end hunger and cause world peace simply by editing my hub entry!" Then, after failing to log in, and finding his key deleted, tells humanity to go to hell?
Child Prodigy wrote:
Like the topic says, I think the BYOND should do a wipe for keys that have not been used for 2+ years...What do you guys think?

Not going to happen any time soon, if ever.

Between games, demos, libraries, forum posts, forum posts in other guilds, blog posts and blog posts for other guilds, there's potentially too much data to be lost.

Not to mention the administration side tracking keys and what not. A lot of loopholes in the admin system would probably be formed if any key was deleted.

To add in the ability to delete keys would simply cost too much effort, time and probably drive away returning users. It's a bad idea on all levels.
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lmao If a person who can cure cancer or the common cold is deturred by a simple online account issue, he/she needs to reevaluate his/her life.
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That is such a hopelessly-contrived metaphor that is loses any meaning that it could ever have had, which is very little considering what you've contributed thus far.
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I like you, Your awesome.
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It's hardly a metaphor.
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Yea, wrong term. It's still so arbitrary that it loses any meaning, though.
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There's nothing wrong with it. It's just another old over the top example of why something shouldn't be done.
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... on the topic of something that wasn't even being considered anyway. That's pretty much the embodiment of this topic.
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