They say death comes in threes.

Two days ago Ed McMahon. Early this morning Farah Fawcett, and a few hours later Michael Jackson.
Riku's a fucking faggot. He probably loves dick in his butt.
If you cried when you found out, you're gay.

Proof: At work we have an openly gay guy. He's said on several occasions that he's a big MJ fan, having him last heard him say it at around 1 PM, so I imagine he cried.

Anywho, there's another guy at work, everyone's pretty sure is gay. When news broke that Jackson kicked the bucket, he cried like a little girl. Someone called him out on it, and it was as if someone had said something offensive about his ancestors then slapped his pride right across the ol' teabag.
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Micheal Jackson changed the music Society. He will definately be missed today and forever. R.I.P. MJ.

No one missed him when he was a pedophile

He was found not guilty last time I checked.

Yeah, but he also settled one out of court. I don't know if he was banging kids or not, I'm just saying he's a very odd guy.

He's an odd guy, but a pedophile he was probably not. The court case was pretty dubious, and the media made it out to look like he was a child rapist which pretty much turned him into a recluse.

edit: It's pretty humorous the mainstream media is making a big deal out of his death. Wasn't these the same people that made him out to be a pedophile?
Michael jackson isnt gay he never raped a little kid the girl told him to watch his kid he told his kid the plan the mom of the kid wanted 1 million dollars so she made a plan to sue him for 1 million dollars
michael jackson never raped that boy the mom of the boy lied to get 1 million dollar michael jackson watched the mom kid and she lied to get 1 million dollar she even told her kid to lie i think shes in jail now
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