I'm getting a new computer next week for my room(it's my birthday on wednesday) and I can't have the cable modem up there so I have to use 56k(bleh!) and I need to know a good free internet service because I don't want to pay because I can't use it that much because my parents don't like the phoneline tied up. If you could help that would be great.
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Secret tip I found: When you sign up, then connect, as soon as your on (like right before) click the 'x' on the banner or control+alt+delete *end program* so they don't know your on and your free trial will never expire. My friend Cellikon uses that same procedure to get free internet constantly on 56k. The only problem is it disconnects every 4 hours.
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Even better is to just spend about $40-$50 on a hub or router so that you can share the cablemodem with other computers in the house. Either your machine or the other 'shares' the internet connection so that both machines can be online at the same time... real easy process if you learn to do it correctly, and it will still be cheaper than using a 56K phone line (just because you have a free service, does not mean the phone bill is free too), and you won't tie up the family telephone line. Would be much faster too.

I'd suggest getting one of the newer cablemodem/dsl routers - usually under $70-$80. It can be configured to connect to your internet account automatically, and allow both machines to use the service whenever they want - not relying on either machine to do the sharing. This will be far cheaper in the long run...
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Or set up a wireless network, a slightly more costly way of doing it, but no messy cords, pretty much the same setup though.
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I would do that but we already have the cable split to 4 different T.V's through the house and the computer, I don't think we can split it anymore and keep a clear picture.