Yut Put wrote:
Asakuraboy wrote:
I will never give up. Once it's released my FMA game will come out :]

uhhhh i have a pixel projectile system that's probably better courtesy of ExPixel... i dunno, we can do like 1000 projectiles with 0 CPU buut i guess it's up to EP to release it

i would make one myself, it's neither hard nor is there some magical secret to pixel movement that only the more experienced devs know about, i made a pixel projectile system a year ago that worked fine

You know you wanna ask him if I can kinda have it? ;] xD
I want to blow things up now. =<
There's a demo in my pixel movement library that shows how to create this type of vehicle movement (control-schemes\vehicle\demo.dm).

Nice graphics, but the hard part is turning it into a game =)
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