beta version?'-'
i have byond version [493.1117]
To play it when it comes up, for the moment you need:
thanks ichigooo!! =X
:[ How do I install it? I wanna play D:
Well if u have the beta version of Byond(which is linked bellow)then when the game is in testing then you can play it, it's still only in early testing.

Make sure to fan/follow the game so you can see if it's active easier :)
I downloaded the thing but I dont know how to instal it
replace its content with the one in your BYOND folder and you're done
Thanks but I got sad when 87% was downloaded and it goes down >.>
Very nice game, looking forward to it finishing. :)
i downloaded the latest byond update and i still cant play q.q
Follow the game, that way you'd be able to keep track of the game's status.
Uh for some reason it says "Dream seeker is to far out of date go to *Insert the link here*" even though i updated byond..What am i supposed to do?
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Did u get the latest Beta version ?

You know what would be cool about the Central Server? Being able to click someones name (that has played and saved in SA) and view their character card showing a bit of stats, info, etc. Just something a little extra that can add some "umph" to the project.
A new Challenger approaches...

Get ready to fight! - Ohay, just wanted to say I'll be helping with the art production too from now on. 2 Spriters are better than one, and I know that all too well.
^ :D
Hmmmm... I have a question.

Is this game suposed to be based a bit on Avatar the Last Airbender?
I believe not lol, Though i do understand it uses elements in a similar style. If it'd make you play the game, then sure believe it's based on that :P, but i don't think it is, and there's no air based techniques as of yet.
I should have both those medals.
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