How would I make a title screen with Deadron's Charcter Handling system? I know that you have to umm, change the load proc thing but how would I stop it from auto-loading at login?
That takes a while to do so no one is answering but i can do it for you if you want me to, just IM me at DarkMystic182 or page me..
You have to understand the basics of how Deadron's library works if you want to do that.

You have to find where it starts (either client/New or mob/Login, I don't recall which he uses. I would guess client/New). Take out the lines of code there that start the whole thing up.

Next you need to create an object that will be clicked. Something like a "start_game" object. In its Click function, you will want to start up the character handling process that was previously started at login.

If you want buttons for loading characters, starting new ones and deleting them instead of an input, then you have to do the same thing again. Make more buttons, put in a bit of code that calls the appropriate functions, and remove the same function calls from where they were originally.

So basically, you have to do some digging around in the library's code, figure out how the tangle of functions work together, call them when you need them instead of letting them call in the places Deadron has them being called at, and then, to finish, fix up any loose ends that process may have created.
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Thanks guys. I'll try to get in contact ASAP.