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Mike, and some of the other staff is approaching the big
3-0, Aaiko is probably 25, and Xooxer is like what 25? I know there's a lot of "older" people on BYOND. =P
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I'm 13 and code perfectly fine. Just look at forums. They Help ^_^. I started byond at 01' so i was 9 when i started playing. 12 when i started coding. =)
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digi is 39.
In response to RaditzX (#21)
Im 10..:)
In response to Elation (#22)
Are you...for real?
In response to Ol' Yeller (#24)
I'm 16.

As for average age, I'd venture and say about 13-14.
As for average mentality, I'd say its around 9-10.
In response to Atriculo (#23)
You act 10. xD
In response to Xeron05 (#27)
I'm 15...
14. i act better than i usually do (around 10 years old) here than around my friends
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i wonder who the youngest and oldest members are?
In response to Popisfizzy (#30)
this thread has been done to death several times- please use the forum search for your answers.

also, thread closed since i see some minor insulting and chattiness.
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