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I am new i would like to know how to make a title screen ive tried to look up tutorials but couldnt find any. please help ooh and one other question. When i displayed text on screen it would say hi who ever quest it was but the screen would just be blank yet but then when i took out the Login() it wouldnt display the text but you could see the map?
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Hello Coke905,

It appears that you're new to programming with BYOND, so I would suggest that you take a look at the guide and other beginner tutorials so that you can get a stronger grasp of the language in general.

As to your specific question, the general method for creating a title screen is to assign a background image as a turf's icon, place that turf on the map, create several "button" objects with Click() processes defined, place those objects over the turf, and then use locate() to move players during Login() to your title screen area.

For your second problem, you probably forgot to place the player on the map. By default, Login() will do this for you. However, if you override Login() and don't call the default behavior (such as by using ..()), you will need to manually set their loc with locate().
mm thanks i havent made a title screen yet since its not THAT important at this time. I realize that im watching tutorials on how to make yourself GM or ADM but it requires a BYOND key. Where can i get a BYOND key? Did it send me it in my email?
You are ALREADY using a BYOND key.
As United Prod said, "Coke905" is your BYOND key. Your BYOND key is just your account.