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i would like to know how to make GM system. I was watching a tutorial online and the tabs didnt seem to be working ill paste my code under so you guys can see whats wrong.

Rename(mob/M in world,t as text)
world <<"[src.username] has changed [M] name to [t]"


giveGM(mob/M in world )
set category="GM"
set name = "Make GM"
switch(input("Which GM level do you want to give")in list("GM1/Enforcer","GM2/Moderator"))
M.GM = 1
M.verbs += typesof(/mob/GM1/verb)
M.GM = 2
M.verbs += typesof(/mob/GM1/verb)
Please place code between <dm> tags, thanks.

I would handle administration privileges via a global list of keys (or ckeys, if you prefer), then apply verbs from an /admin (or whatever you want to call it, like /GM or something) datum that acts solely as a verb container directly to the administrator's /client. This makes it so that admin verbs are secure and that no one could possibly switch into the admin's mob and steal the verbs.

thank you but now, ok im completely new i have hp/maxhp i ahve stats, now i would like to know how to make enemies AND animation of my character attacking? please help me
and if animation is to hard to make i would want like a SLASH or something depending on which way my characters facing.Since movement is built in i have no clue how to determine which way hes facing. in gamemaker which i used before it was just like

if keyboard_check(vk_left)
x-=player_speed/what ever you want THEN
FACING = 180

thats how i would do it but this is a different engine
You can use flick() and get_step() for what you need.


var/mob/m = locate() in get_step(usr, dir) // locate a player infront of you

m.dir = get_dir(m, usr) // force them to look at you
flick("punch", usr) // show an animation for the one punching (icon_state)
m.hp -= 1 // deal the damage
m.death_check(usr) // call the death check
thanks i have a battle system from Zilal now and it seems good consedering i ahve no clue how to edit anything.

I would like to know how to make a DeathCheck strickly for the Bug monster so then i can change the bugs icon to bug dead icon. i think i know how to do it but how would i right the if statement?

if([usr]==true) when i do this it turns out many errors please help
Can you guys please type out WHOLE code for battle system then i can learn and practice but i dont really want to learn Zilal ones
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Coke905 wrote:
Can you guys please type out WHOLE code for battle system then i can learn and practice but i dont really want to learn Zilal ones

But that's not learning all you will do is copy and paste!

Read the guide and tutorials ...
mmm but see i actually read and learn from it, please just help me
i want a good battle system so i can learn how its done i would download it but firefox doesnt let me either does internet explorer so the only way is to recoppy it into Dream maker
You have to help yourself, look over the guide first. Once you can familiarize yourself with the syntax, go through a series of trials and errors to help you learn.

Keep a tab on the reference in case you need to find something in particular.
You can actually read and learn from the Guide also ..

Hand outs aren't BYOND biggest thing.....

Search the forums and resources this has been talked created and etc many many times before ..

We aren't google.
i have been and ive tried to read the guide but the guide is not very discriptive
thanks for respondingso fast its not very often (for me) that convo's are this quik(lol) i enjjoy this
please just make a tutorial on a battle system, you can add me on hotmail messenger if you would like
I respond as soon as I receive pager alerts, whenever I'm not playing my little MMORPG.

To build your battle system, you need to-

id:248439 Somewhat of a small combat system has been recently posted in this thread, I am not telling you to copy and paste it.
but that wasent that helpful since i dont really know what to do
Read the lines of code, and everything behind //, which are comments explaining what the line of code does.
mm i do have a question that has been bothering me fore ever.

when i create a map file and put what ever on it there's always a stupid black background that doesnt allow my game to be full screen without that black scrolling thing know the solution?
oh and when creating a map file what does the Z mean?
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