z represents layers of a map. Z-levels sit above each other in the map space.
aah thanks

can you help me with the black background problem?
no matter the size of the map i make theres always the scrolling black background that interferes with the map im making
The black background is the area where you place the turfs, objects and mobs on.
mm i dont mean when your building i mean when the game is run i still have that black thing that cuts of like half the screen sorta like a VIEW like i can only so soo much because the black thing is cutting it off
Err, could you take a screenshot of what you're talking about?
I believe you'd h ave to set your world view to a higher number.
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You would need to set your client.view to a higher number, to remove the black space.
client .view i dont even know what that is please explain !
k thanks
do i need to know client or client var?
I read both of them as i read i didnt find anything thhat has to do with client.view i dont know the syntax or (order) of the way the code goes
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If you read the guide full you'd understand it. Stop trying to skim, or avoid and read it. You aren't saving yourself any time by avoiding learning and asking other people to help you.

Coding isn't something you can learn fully by getting assistance when you begin, you have to 1) Understand code then 2) Understand how to use it.

And the only way you get from point A to point B is to take time out of your day to 1) study, 2)try the things you've learned and 3) trial and error.

It's easy to tell when someone hasn't read or studied the guide by the questions they ask. Also programming is not a quick endeavor. Byond makes it easier, but it's still alot of work to put a game together. The reason people keep referring you to the guide is simply because it's obvious that you're "skipping" key steps. Us telling you how to do something just so you can put a game together doesn't benefit you in the least because even if we give you code you won't UNDERSTAND how to use it.

Basically what I'm trying to say is.. stop being so stubborn. Read the entire guide,Go chapter by chapter and after each chapter practice what you understand in DM. That's the only way you're going to get better.
i know i know JAVA
i know i know java i have already made a java game but i dont like java i'd rather do python or C++, and DM language is actually close to c++ accept the cin >> and cout <<

but its close.

I just have a question and the guide doesnt full fill them
If you knew those languages you should be able to pick up DM without questions ...

DM is one of the easiest languages to learn .. its a gateway to others like PHP.
yes but i jsut dont, the syntax is different same with the variables im used to java variables not DM
The guide and tutorials on the forums cover these items.
mmm well can you please give me a link to it then?
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