im having problems making an object that corresponds to only one mob e/g, exp bar,hpbar,mpbar that all goes into a hud any suggestions?
i made a administrator system where if my key was equal to coke905 in this case. I would be administrator, but it doesnt seem to be recognizing me as administrator anymore.
i put

world<<"Welcome Administrator"
world<<"Welcome [usr] to Byond RPG"

its recognizing me as teh second choice but i know that my key is coke905 any help please?
fixed it just needed to open other bin applications sorry that im getting anoyying :(
anyone know how to make equip inventory, i have made an inventory but now i want to be able to equip it,

the old equip system i used was
if(equipped_noobie_armour==1 && equipped_noobie_boots==1)
usr.icon=noobie armour with boots

ETC with every combo and it was just so space consuming anyone know a better way?