We would just like to let everybody know how well the Iccusion BYOND Games Contest 2006 contest is going so far. We'd also like to remind everybody that they still have almost two months to make or finish an entry. We encourage all of the developers on BYOND to submit at least one entry. You will be helping the BYOND community in an unimaginable way!

So far the contest has over 10 participants and over 15 working entries that we know about. If you would like to confirm your participation, we ask that you leave a comment.

You still have plenty of time to join in or finish up! Check out this page for more details.

We would also like to encourage all participants to keep the rest of the BYOND community up-to-date on their progress with the contest to encourage more people to participate. Remember, the more people participating, the better the prizes!

Hope to see you participating!

- Iccusion Contest Team

ATP Development has at least one, probably 2, and maybe 3.
I refuse to post
I'll make an entry if someone lends me a time machine. Then I'll be able to loop myself over and over again and do, like, a year's work in a day. It'd be awesome. And so would the game.
I could probably dust my time machine off and UPS it to you. All you have to do is pay the shipping!
That would be totally worth it. :-)
Confirming my participation, or at least the possibility of it. I'm in if I can finish something in time. I know I know, I rarely ever bother finishing anything I start, but I think I might this time. Either way, I just started something this week. I will probably be doing it together with ManaveEru since I'm terrible at the art.

About that time machine though, isn't that considered cheating? If he gets a time machine, I get to turn back the clock on my computer and submit something when it finally comes to the deadline.
Haha. Look forward to seeing what you have in store!
I have great game, but it's got Naruto and Dragonball in it... :(