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Dec 7 2011, 3:18 am
It'll be up now. Sorry for the long period of downtime, Fushi hasn't been on in awhile but now he's back and been working on it pretty hard :) I'm sure a new update will come sometime this week/month.
Nov 23 2011, 11:11 am
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Street sharks
Jan 14 2011, 4:30 pm
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MMORPG based on Bleach. Updated often. Come play!
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
by Masterralphy55 | Jul 31 2011
Tags: anime
A mindblowing, revolutionary Naruto game!
by Aaronland | Mar 29 2008
Tags: anime, fangame
Join the world of Pokemon Dark Red. Catch, Train, Battle.
Pirates! Marines, Bounty hunters?! Join the super powered adventure!
Guns, explosives, classes and killing zombies!

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