Dead_Demon wrote:
More fun than a harddrive of porn

Is it even legal to put 'porn' on a non-M rated game?
It gives "happy endings", really! No lie.
Danial.Beta wrote:
Also, why make us write your advertisements for you? :P

If anyone's qualified to write ads for a game, its fans are. :-)

Keep 'em coming, guys!
YAGSACG: Just do it.


The author bribed us to write this!
Simply sexy.


Fun for the whole family


Xeal says it's awesome so it's awesome


Bunchie plays this game


This game is oodles of fun


Just a typical, generic must-have game.
Read the title. Then learn to read.
Yet Another Necessity for you Generic Nerds.
Play the game. Then read the title.
Alternating phrases above are the only way.
I'm not sure if this is still open, but what the heck. It just came to me.

YAGSACG: More fun than having a girlfriend


YAGSACG: More fun than a girlfriend


Who needs freinds when you rule planets?
It certainly is still open. =)
Civilisation has an ending. It's quite generic.
Amazing game. Poorly named... Crispy's to blame!

lol it rhymes.
YAGSACG: Spawned from the great BYOND!
? Yet another way to kill your time.

? Explosions! Laser fire! Burning hapless innocent natives!

? Doubles as "Hide and Seek" when losing!

? Send fleets on suicide missions. No consequence!

? Screw the rules, I've got factories!

? The ticket to some fool's BYOND membership.
Buy this. Don't let the terrorists win.

Best Game Ever. Awesome Graphics . It Pwns.
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