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Dakota33167's Favorite Games

by Falacy | Oct 10 2008
Tags: anime
MMORPG Styled Game, Loosely Based on Bleach.
A new bleach game in development.
A fantasy medieval world rich in lore, with a dark history of bloodshed. Role-playing mandatory.
Offically the new awesomest most naruto game in byond History! Must play!!
by Zete | Apr 21 2011
by Naokohiro | Apr 5 2008
Pokémon how it was meant to be.
by MDC | Jul 28 2010
Tags: anime, fangame
In alpha stages, under works.

Dakota33167's Favorite Resources

by Ebonshadow | Mar 20 2005
Tags: characters
Create a character icon customization system for your game.

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