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by Cole11212 | Feb 5 2012
Just another Bleach game ;)
by Biggzhhs | May 17 2008
Welcome to Bleach: Lost Souls
Complete Player Vs Player in Isometric No Npc's to fight -sept a massive menos every now and then-, No boring Training ...
i hope u like the game
by Enigma11 | Jun 10 2010
Tags: anime
Since I've never been able to save this, I'm officially making the source public check hub for details.
This game is not a Rip! Come Play and Never Look Back For This is the BEST!
by Undefeated Saiyans | Aug 29 2013
Tags: chat, utility
Upload/Download icons from the community (very different from iconshare)
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
by Badklc | Feb 26 2011
Tags: anime
A classic Naruto game with lots of new original jutsu icons, daily events, stable community/player base, manga-based ...
by Dbar910 | Aug 26 2009
Work in progress - In Need Of GFXers, Iconners (Pixel Artist if you will), and ppl for other things---New Name Needed

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