Not Feasible
Applies to:Website
Status: Not Feasible

Implementing this feature is not possible now or in the foreseeable future
Well I know there is a addon as such to detect if you have BYOND installed when you go to a game and such, how about if there was an addon for when you go to login that will detect your pager being on and login to the website for you automatically?

Likely there would need to be a pager setting toggling if you will be automatically logged in so that if your not logged into the right key, such as guest, or even just your other key, which you don't post with, but use for whatever reason, then that key won't be logged in accidentally.

However, since it should work like this, either it should be PER KEY or there should just be a list of keys that will be logged in automatically if that key is currently logged into the pager.

And to make it easier, if it is a list, and not a checkbox, then, make it so that there is an Add Current Key button, so you can add your own key quickly without typing it out. Also for removing keys, a quick way would be to click the name in the list, then click the remove from list button.

If it will be a list.
Some kind of adjustment to BYOND's (currently stub?) plug-in that allows third party use to authenticate whichever key you're currently logged in with (possibly allowing authentication in general?) would be nice.
I am more talking about BYOND's own site using it themselves, not some third party site or anything.

Currently BYOND does 2 things, one is where the stub detects if BYOND is installed or not & the BYOND pager will log you in when you click a link from your pager, and it will take you to the site of whatever link it is you clicked.

So, what about the BYOND stub logging you in when you navigate to yourself manually through your web-browser & did not just click a link through your pager?
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