When I'm Hosting My Game I'm Constantly Getting The Error:

runtime error: Cannot read null.HP
proc name: Attack (/mob/PC/verb/Attack)

And Then It Says It's Not Posting All The Errors Or Else It Would Crash!

Can Some One Please Help Me =(
I Got The Exact Error:

DarkCampainger (/mob/PC): Attack(null)
runtime error: Cannot read null.HP
proc name: Attack (/mob/PC/verb/Attack)
source file:,416
usr: DarkCampainger (/mob/PC)
src: DarkCampainger (/mob/PC)
call stack:
DarkCampainger (/mob/PC): Attack(null)

BYOND Warning: further proc crash messages are being suppressed to prevent overload...

What Should I Do?
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maybe if you post the code somebody might be able to help
That particular error would probably happen when someone (let's call them Person A) attacks someone else (Person B), but Person B has just logged out. Network lag is probably a major contributing factor.

Just check to see if Person B is still in the game (if the var for Person B is null, then they've logged out) before doing any attacking. If Person B has logged out, then cancel the attack.
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Jp wrote:

You too.
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Lol, Everyone Keeps Telling Me That =)

In One Ear And Out The Other

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perhaps you should listen then, since that would actually allow people to read your posts without getting irritated at your mangling of the english language. Just an idea...
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I am Actually Having The Exact Same Problem... I do not know if this has any contribution to the fact that My Server Keeps Freezing, But I have managed to get Rid Of most of those errors by putting if(M) before every time increment you either change or read The other mob...