What happend to the game? i can't find it.
i would love to join your team. im a expeert programmer(over the years). now i like the looks of this one piece game so if you dot mind please contact me at mick3y_09@hotmail.com im very interested in helping

Thank You.
Dude...I love this game..I'd help if I could but I don't know how to program,or icon,but this game looks AWESOMEEEEEE.(yes that many Es were neceserry)
i keep reading this post every once in a while like every 2 months.. keeps me motivated and excited and hopeful lol
This would technically be the only One Piece game I have ever seen on byond EVER. I would like to be a beta tester for it if your looking for one.(you can trust me as I have no experience programming at all)
Send Me Files.. ur Download Button Dont work.. i have Friends who wants 2 play!!
is this game going to be up
Oi if you ever need anyone to host this game im available i can host 24/7 my byone username is DarkWolf277
cant wait
Apparently, you havent played Rise Of The Pirates
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