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Jun 28, 4:17 am
i got banned and could i get someone to unban me please at the moment i have bad internet but nff is playable please unban me my key thing is Oujou, Fred
Jun 21, 8:55 am
When will the server be back up
May 20, 5:11 pm
Not sure if this is where i post any ban issues but i see some people have complained here too so i guess i'll post here as well, I recently to what i believe was "Key Banned" i know this because i can get on NFF on one of my key alts but not on my main key alt. i'm not exactly sure why i got banned but one minute i'm playing and the next i got disconnected knowing my crappy wifi getting disconnected often is not something that surprises me but then i realized that i could get on one of my key accounts but not the other so i would atleast like an explanation on why i got banned. Thank You c:
Dec 25 2014, 7:39 pm
My main is Goku10521
Dec 25 2014, 7:24 pm
I got key banned. Im not sure why, can i get an explanation? I think it might be because I was daing. the reason i kept on logging off when I was koed by someone was because I figured that the person would get the kill anyway. Also some of the times I had to cross out the window for reasons I dont feel comfortable disclosing. I apologise for doing so and will make sure it does not happen again. Can I please get a unban?

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