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Darkdemonrad wrote:
The playtime was cut in half,

I can't argue with this; the game is unarguably short, but it's still fun while it lasts.

the ending is horrible, the story line isn't plausible.

I thought the ending was a good way to finish it all, and the storyline is most definitely plausible for the Halo universe.

Why the hell would the profit of truth just be sitting with a contingent waiting to die? He'd be flying about with his VAST army kicking ass. Ugh total let down.

The Covenant had been working for years, likely centuries, and quite possibly millenia, to finish the Great Journey and see their quest at the end. For him, the leader of their entire empire, to sit back and let some miscellaneous, who-gives-a-damn soldier do it would be definitively anticlimactic. That's like the Mayor's Aid cutting the ribbon at the opening of the world's largest skyscraper.

Why'd they have to kill off the masterchief so dumbly? is cortana dead? why the hell wasn't that airlock LOCKED?

The original Halo had an ending after the credits. Halo 2 had an ending after the credits. Did you even begin to think of the possibility that there's some sort of pattern going on here?

so lame. SO SO lame. Worst 60 dollars ever, i'm too depressed to play live.

Seriously, it's not that hard to comprehend why it ended the way it did.
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