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i like naruto and pokemon

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by Dakuraga | Jul 2 2009
by Arcteris | Dec 12 2011
by Sasuke3232 | Oct 28 2008
New game, coming soon!
by All Star BANG | Nov 6 2008
come on and have fun
by Kajika | Oct 7 2003
An online version of the Trading Card Game.
Great dbz game
200+ Jutsu that you can combine to make your own jutsuís. Sub clan system to get 1/2 of another clanís jutsu. Tons of ...
by KTerror | Jul 31 2009
Welcome to Naruto Destroyed Chaos, Show based game, nice map layouts, (read the hub before you play if you want to know ...
by Dakuraga | Mar 31 2009
by Dragon7994 | Feb 25 2011
Come check out this new awesome game!
We rock and if u want to rock BUY ONE
Need org Leaders and kages up for grabs
New Game Yes Its A Rip But Currently Adding Things
updating need iconners/translator
by Max6 | Jul 9 2009
The War Between Naruto And The Espada is Begining What side will you be on?
by Lilkondey | Jul 18 2009
a new battling system come if ur a member u get perks
by Davidle123 | Jul 28 2010
Welcome to New Era, where adventure awaits!
by DarkMoonProductions | Mar 30 2011
by Destrojer | Mar 3 2009
A new pokemon game with originality to byond. With a new war system.
old game new name new map
Play as a trainer or a Pokemon in the longest-running Pokemon game on BYOND (8 years).
by Anthonyfile2 | Jan 25 2012
Based on a world of Adventure where you choose your role in the Pirate Age