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May 20 2020, 6:49 pm
Just letting former fans of SWG know that its new home is now over here.
Hope to see you on the servers soon!

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Kill Joy

Rookie Season

That horn's no longer green yellow belly... | Unlocked the semi powerful E21!

Earned on Jan 4 2014, 5:17 pm

First few are the hardest..

Get your first 5 kills.

Earned on Jan 5 2014, 12:04 am


Actively participating in the future!

Earned on Jan 5 2014, 9:30 am


You reached Rank 1 and unlocked the USP.45!

Earned on Jan 5 2014, 9:54 am

Adding on!

Unlock your first Add-on!

Earned on Jan 5 2014, 10:44 am

Just a flesh wound!

Die for the first time.

Earned on Jan 5 2014, 11:17 am

Deathmatch Victor

Win your first Free for All.

Earned on Jan 6 2014, 12:07 pm

Just getting started..

Get 100 all around kills

Earned on Jan 6 2014, 1:13 pm a doctor..not really

Unlocked the Medic bag!

Earned on Jan 6 2014, 10:03 pm

Look ma, blown hands!

Unlock the claymores. (Armless man not included.)

Earned on Jan 6 2014, 10:03 pm