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Aug 26 2013, 10:47 pm
Hopefully this game stays down the way the owner keeps screwing people over and his wife acts like she is so important because she gets so many freebies it's a joke.
Aug 20 2013, 8:41 pm
wow banned because the owners wife has no manners and less maturity than a 5 year. that just makes my day. btw Dom go to hell okay? your not staff on my game anymore after this crap and you never will be.
Jul 19 2013, 11:02 pm
I miss Naruto fantasies. :(
Sep 4 2012, 8:25 am
Yo no one is hosting for Naruto Fantasies, If its alright I could host if I get the host files.
El Matatan2016
Mar 17 2012, 11:43 am
Your Dragon Universe server I mean

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Delicronis' Favorite Games

by VcentG | Feb 18 2005
Tags: anime
A bleach MORPG based on the popular anime and manga, mixed with RPG elements and alignment conflicts. Overall aim for ...
A Bleach game that is 100% RP. With multiple new additions and freeform RP, we have many things that set us above the ...
by Tienie | Jun 28 2010
A Bleach Roleplaying Game designed for those who want a true Bleach experience
by Jay Nos | May 19 2009
A fun-balanced game made for those who love the bleach anime, come in and join the excitement!
by Albro1 | May 22
Tags: anime
New hub, same game!
by Cthulh | Feb 21 2007
Tags: anime
A unique Bleach game still in development.
by Enigma11 | Jun 10 2010
Tags: anime
Since I've never been able to save this, I'm officially making the source public check hub for details.
The Original Bleach WWA Ichigo's new bankai! (dual wield zangetsu) and vandenreich! Updated DailyPvP-mmorpg style Bleach ...
by BleachLife | Jan 18 2009
Bleach Roleplay game. Which path will you take in your life modelled after the Bleach world? Just majorly updated! New ...
by Goukaryuu | Sep 4 2009
Tags: anime
Choose your starter digimon, level up, digivolve, fight with other players in arena and defeat all the bosses. More to ...
In this shonen-inspired sandbox game the players create everything (houses, items, technology, and more). This game has ...
It's time to Duel!
by Rukial | Jun 11 2013
A Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn Fan Game, Sorta Fair, Sorta Balanced, And Button-Mashing Fun! Ignore the Tags Please : ...
WotV is a game inspired by one of the best unrecognized Anime out there.
A Text Based Katekyou Arena, emphasis on text based.
by Masterdan | Apr 5 2007
Tags: anime
No Rank Benefits, Just fun balanced and original Gameplay.
by R3d Fang | Oct 8 2010
A game where people from NNG still could continue playing.
by Asakuraboy | Sep 5 2008
Tags: anime
A long standing Byond game, continually updated, that progresses alongside the series. Challenge the world of Ninjas, ...
by Grand J | Feb 27 2010
Tags: anime
Naruto: Rogue, one of the most innovative and stylish naruto game on byond! Execute handseal combinations to perform ...
A PVP focused naruto RPG based off jinketsu. Train 100x faster!
Naruto RPG Game
An rp game based on the tournament to become Shaman King!
Shaman King: The Shaman Fight. Based on the Shaman King Anime.

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