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I need a good host...


Audio freak XD
Oct 10, 9:24 pm
Um, I am not even suffering?
Aug 21, 11:04 am
Yut Put has gone too far. Since there's a hater's club, I will personally pay 300,000 nex to the one that forces Yat Put to leave and never return.
Apr 3, 8:33 pm
For every vehicle sprite someone sends me, it's worth 28,000 nex and the vehicle free in the nexus as well.

Also, the freebie cannot be more expensive than 225,000 nex each.
Apr 2, 7:51 pm
Due to a misunderstanding and paranoia on my part, I've decided to waive Vroccan's bounty and award him the bounty he placed on me.
Mar 30, 6:42 pm
Humph. Add Keith to the last of enemies. His sig alone is an offensible matter, but his code of conduct is clearly that of a monster.

Bounty upped to 3mil nex for him to forcefully do the war.

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