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I need a good host...


Feb 7, 7:05 pm
If the nexus still exists in any capacity i am interested in joining, dming people who posted and are mentioned here and asking about it on byond related discords hasn't worked so this is my next best bet. I'd prefer an invite from someone with high goverment if it still functions the same as advertised years ago and i could be given such a luxury.
Yut Put
Jan 15 2015, 6:26 am
Solobb- wrote:
I canz haz rank 10 in eberything?

I love how srsly the people on that website are taking this, lmao.

shh don't make fun of aspergers you'll get bant
Jan 15 2015, 12:53 am
I canz haz rank 10 in eberything?

I love how srsly the people on that website are taking this, lmao.

Jan 4 2015, 11:20 am
The base is already made, but I'm willing to pay 800K Nex for such a service, Plus combat and econ rank 2 as well - OR Replace those ranks for Merchant Status. (more ways to get nex) BOTH variants will grant you BYOND citizenship - nexus style.

Citizenship - Well, there's governments and possible classes now. This government gives +1 to combat and supremacy.

There's also the home turf advantage, but that doesn't exceed stage 3. It grants +1 to combat and supremacy as well.

So you would have Com3, Supr2, Econ2 if you take the bonuses, with 1.35 mil nex. Enough to give a fierce fight to EmpirezTeam, but he would be about 3 times stronger. (3 mil presently)

Bonuses: There's 6 of them. Battle, Econ, Supremacy, Leadership, Gates, and Shroud. They have 9 stages, ranking from 0-9, as follows:

0 citizen
1 Soldier
2 Veteran
3 Leader
4 Elite
5 General/Marshal/Brigadeer
6 President/Emporer/King
7 Legend/God/Demigod
8 Forbidden
9 Ultimate
Cloud Magic
Jan 3 2015, 5:47 pm
How much will you pay me to code the nexus for you

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