:| the game says that there is another Key with my I.P. Adress...here it is ( )...yeah...messed...

EDIT: nvm...it's good now...guess I just needed to give it time
Onigiri Delight wrote:
I love this game.

I love you. I love you.

Don't go! i'LL kiLL you.

Gosh, whats with all the drama here in the comments?

great game
Worst game ever nobody play this you'll get a tumor
Duelmaster409 wrote:
Worst game ever nobody play this you'll get a tumor


*Rips paper*
Love this game alot still trying to get used to the role playing stuff but I think ill get better as I play the game.
wish the server would come back up i think i may be addicted to this game (O.o)
Anyone know when the server will be back online?
I hope soon, I wanna play *_* and I got friends who now want to play :)
Only play this if you can roleplay noobs can piss off
Why cant it just come back online I WANNA PLAY
I agree ^^; I kinda got hooked on this game, plus, Mitadake high is plagued by several trolls as of late soI've nothing to do
3 days nowwww? Dx
Where the hell has Sigro gone!
Yesterday there were a fair number of them, it was a rare occurrence, I've no doubt there were more in 2008 but there's no 'repellent' so to speak
Over all an awesome game, but I'm sad the servers are down.. And I had just re downloaded the game client :<
Yeah I am starting to like the game think I might learn it and master it.
Omg its down Ima Cry D=
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