YuseiYow why did you ban me? What did i ever do to you?
One question??? Why have i ben banned to?? i did never do annything!!!!!
Dante1 pls help me whit this. you are the only player that issent angry at me for some reason!! And to all other players: WHY DID I GET BANNED IN THE FIRST PLACE??? PLS TELL ME!!! I JUST WANT TO KNOW!!!
ppl that got banned shutup jeez i would ban u too for all the constant complaining...
yes i know. but it is only that.... NOBODY RESPOND!!! nobody even care about banning me for no reason!!! the player that banned me did prbobly do it just for fun. and... :?( I JUST WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!! and here is the worst thing: I DIDDENT EVEN DO ANNYTHING FROM THE START!!!!
or i know i did complain but... after he said LAST WARNING i did stop complaining.
Ok Cheesefang, i am going to take your advise. I am going to shut upp now and i hope that it works and i get unbanned. Bec... I`M STARTING TO LOSING IT!
The problem here is, I'dve unbanned him by now, but I haven't had the internet where I was able to take over hosting again. Weather permitting, I'm hoping to have my server back up by the end of the week, at that point I'll deal with all of that. I do thank you for your continued patience. Also, YugiVow isn't a GM and did not ban you.
It's been difficult on everything DME Related, since we can't keep a 24/7 Server up as Knight takes his down at night, and Dev has been gone so we haven't been able to update as well.
1 question. how can you send messages when your internet is down????
ok 2 questions. are you a GM? (no offense, just wondering)
damn i did just find 1 more question XD. when your internet is back can you unnban my babybrother "Jesperxxt" when you unnban me?
I unbanned you, please behave, and my server should be up by Friday if all goes according to plan.
thx! i love you Dante1 (not gay)!!!
this game is good i dont no why more people will go on this game
why is the server down? how come i can't log in?
Is this game in TCG or OCG?
This is OCG, and the server is generally down because our Temp Host Knight is not a 24/7 Host like I am, so whenever I get my internet back soonish, it'll go back to 24/7
hey i ban anyone i like kk
u burn u ass
YuseiYow wrote:
bitch wrote:
aaaaaa. come'on guys. give Tonnis another chance. he deserves it. if he can play the game whitout complaning why bann him?
what i am saying is: just give him 1 more chance and se if he can shut upp. if he start pooing

:/... Any reason why your being a gay faggot? seriously dude this si to discuss problems with the game not flame others.. so cut it out

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