I guess im not going to be unbanned, am I? XD
Im sorry for singing the bad song :(
This is not the way to post an unban request. Read the forums.
so the game is down again ):
i cant believe i was banned for playing gods and who is kaiser anyway hes such a hater.
i wish they would take me off the banned list
im gonna stay banned arent i
is duel monsters over because when i try to play it keeps telling me the connection failed
i cant play i click and it says CF i dont blame Dev for its my computer and my connection so sorryy if im geeting yu mad ^^' i wonder can yu plz do a update or locator card tourneys
How come if i get banned my brother gets banned too
My brother gets banned so i get banned too???
May i please become unbanned i apologize for losing it and whining i promise it'll never happen again i learned my lesson and i promise i'll be more gracious from now on...
They probably banned by IP address.
K cause my little brother plays 2 and i dont want him to mad at me
Right, to help out the pages of people with unban requests here is the link to what you need to do
The basic guide is don't post here, no-one will listen to it, do it in the game developers forum here
http://www.neus-projects.net/ forumdisplay.php?23-Unban-Requests
When can I play? It says 26 people online and play now button doesn't work. I joined waiting list.
I'm trying to find a admin spot so if you ever need a admin/gm yeah i'm on byond everyday key is there add me and page me.... thanks! :P
no lost connection in a tourny duel!
whats with the game?
you guys have the same IP address
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