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What you say about not liking FF7 is outright incorrect. I dislike the game and most of the 3D Final Fantasy games. I played them all when they were new and I've beaten them all. I still like the older games in the series more. FFV and FFVI are both better than FFVII in my opinion. But it's just that, opinion. There are plenty of people who agree with me and plenty of people who don't, doesn't make either side's argument any less valid.
It doesn't matter what order you play them in. Though I myself usually play one to thirteen in order when I do my runs. Final Fantasy 1-6(excluding III) are all on the PSX in the forms of Final Fantasy Origins(I & II), Final Fantasy Anthology(V & VI), and Final Fantasy Chronicles(IV). I believe they are all also available on GBA, and one and two are available on PSP. If you want to play the real Final Fantasy III, and not the terrible remake then you will need to use an emulator. You can find English roms for 1-6 and even a cool FFVII NES version. I'm not going to give any links or sites, because I'm sure that's against forum policy. I perfer to play them on NES/SNES emulators or NES/SNES when I can excluding I & II(J).

Final Fantasy I NES/PSX(Origins)/PSP/GB/Emulator
Final Fantasy II Famicom/PSX(Origins)/PSP/GB/Emulator
Final Fantasy III Famicom/Emulator
Final Fantasy IV SNES(Named as Final Fantasy II)/PSX(Chronicles)/GB/Emulator
Final Fantasy V Super Famicom/PSX(Anthology)/GB/Emulator
Final Fantasy VI SNES(Named as Final Fantasy III)/PSX(Anthology)/GB/Emulator
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Don't bring up the PSX versions of those FF games. The translations, horrible bugginess and loading times are enough to make it where they should pay you for playing it.
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I don't remember there being any loading times, and the translation is horrible? I think the PSX version gave a lot better story than Final Fantasy I did. Have you ever played Final Fantasy I on the NES? When you go and talk to the King he says something like, "~The princess has been kidnapped, please help!~". When you talk to him on the PSX version he tells you a little back story about the warriors, the prophecy, where to find Garland, etc this continues throughout the game. You don't have to put up with the "nothing here" screen, if you targeted an enemy that gets killed you don't just lose a turn, when you go to buy equipment you can actually see who can equip what. I would say Final Fantasy I on the PSX was a vast improvement, as well as II. The other ones I prefer to play on my SNES, and on a SNES emulator. That's just because they were designed way better and are actually playable though.
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Play the GBA version and say the PSX one is superior.
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I was under the impression you were comparing them to the original versions. That was obviously what I was talking about.
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Storyline has gone down the toilet as long as they focus on graphics, which will be until the day that graphics literally become life-like (because even now you can tell that it's a video game, it's not quite life-like yet). SquareSoft forgot about storyline once they committed to 3D after Final Fantasy 7. It's always about pushing the graphics today. Sooner or later the Indie games will rise up out of the shadows (they already are) and reclaim what gaming is all about.
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