Winning wrote:
Meh, I curse the day my Xbox got broken, Cant wait to get a new one by december :)

Or you could get a Steam account and play on that. Kids these days... All about their consoles...
Truseeker wrote:
Yammen wrote:
"Are you ******* *tu*id? ** you **** know what *** TES games are?"

I don't consider myself a bunch of stars, but your entitled to your opinion.

2 > 1

I hear this games good, but then I also here it's pretty shit.
Is dark souls supposed to be a remake to demons souls? I didnt play it, but it looked almost the same, with some similar foes/bosses.

It's a spiritual successor. More or less a sequel but with a story of its own.
Acebloke wrote:
"Are you fucking stupid? Do you even know what the TES games are?"

A spin-off from Team Fortress 2 in the theme of "Zombies ate my parents" durrrrr.

you are retarded in so many levels


dont have words to describe such
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