Drake 1235

Joined: Dec 1 2008

Medals Drake 1235 can earn in his favorite games, and all games in which Drake 1235 has already earned some medals

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Fuuinjutsu Elite


Leave your Village and become a Missing ninja.


Become an S-rank Missing ninja.


Kill 500 ninjas.


Obtain 1,000,000 Ryos.


Make 5 players join your guild.


Not available at the moment!

Big Boss

Become a Kage/Organization Leader.

Monster Hunter

Capture all Bijuus.

Fortunate Bless

Good luck...

Fuuinjutsu Elite

You are a true Fuuinjutsu Elite!

Yams Secrets

ok xd

Bleach: World-Wide Adventures

Level Cap

You have reached level 1,000

Highway to Heaven

You have reached level 500

Espada Killer

You have killed all the espadas

Death of Humanity

You have killed all of the Karakura Town Heroes


Reach 100 wounds directly when being hit

Instinct Over Thought

You killed 50 Vasto in the Vasto Horde

Mirror Mirror

You have won the Reigai Event 20 times

Relentless Ordeal

You have won the Battle Royale 5 times

Sado Immunity

You have survived La Muerte 100 times

A New Hero

You have killed 10,000 Hollows

Fall of Seireitei

You have killed 500 Shinigamis

Vaizard Executer

You have killed 1,000 Lost Vaizards

That's It

You have killed 1,000 Final Shinigamis

Minute-Made Assassin

You have killed 100 players

Dog of Authority

You have killed 10 Minute-Made Assassins

Little Rebellion

You have killed a GM

Pimp Slapped

You have been killed by a GM

Truly an Unstoppable Being

You have killed Vasto Ichigo 10 times

There can only be one!

Kill 50 npcs of each race and 10 players while in rage
Shunpo Master

15,000 Flash Step Uses
Lost Soul

Get killed 200 Times
Treasure Map

Loot 150 chests

Steal The Charge From Either Lab And Make It Back 10 Times

Fail To Get Your Charge To The Lab
Almost There...

Die With a Fueled Charge


Caught 5!

Caught 5 monsters!

Caught 10!

Caught 10 monsters!

Caught 15!

Caught 15 monsters!

Caught 20!

Caught 20 monsters!

Caught 25!

Caught 25 monsters!

Caught 30!

Caught 30 monsters!

Caught 35!

Caught 35 monsters!

Caught 40!

Caught 40 monsters!

Caught 45!

Caught 45 monsters!

Caught 50!

Caught 50 monsters!

Caught 60!

Caught 60 monsters!

Caught 70!

Caught 70 monsters!

Caught 80!

Caught 80 monsters!

Caught 90!

Caught 90 monsters!

Caught 100!

Caught 100 monsters!

Caught 110!

Caught 110 monsters!

Caught 120!

Caught 120 monsters!

Caught 130!

Caught 130 monsters!

Caught 140!

Caught 140 monsters!

Caught 150!

Caught 150 monsters!

Caught 151!

Caught 151 monsters!

Bleach: After-Life

Closed Tester

Tested The Game!


Joined A Squad!


Learnt Your Shikai!


Learnt Your Bankai


Became An Arrancar!

Pokemon RP Reborn

Shift + O

Open the Options menu

Not a N00B

Unlock full access to the OOC channels
My only friend!

Stay up late with Sirus
Hooray for Tiny!

Attended Tiny's graduation ceremony

Dragonball Supremacy

BlackStar Dragonballs

Make an BlackStar Dragonball wish!

Beginner's Luck

Master of the Universe

Complete the game!

Earth Dragonballs





Lord Of Supremacy

Life of Misery


Namek Dragonballs

True Hero


Legend Of Supremacy

Become A Legend Of The Supremacy World!

Stray Games

Dead Falling

Kill 53,594 Zombies

Digimon Re:RPG

Bronze Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 15

Silver Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 25

Gold Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 35

Brave Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 50

Robust Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 75

Legendary Tamer

Reach a Tamer Level of 100



You have mined one of each mineral.


You have planted your first crop.


You have smithed your first item.