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by YMIHere | Jul 6 2006
Tags: math
Base64 encoding and decoding procedures.
by Hiead | Sep 5 2007
Tags: math
A set of functions for conversions to and from Base64
by YMIHere | Aug 24 2004
Tags: math
This library can convert base integers (from 2 to 36) to another base. Some bases that you may know of are base 2 ...
by AbyssDragon | Feb 21 2002
Tags: math
Standard Geometric and Mathematical procs for every project
by Shadowdarke | Dec 18 2006
Tags: multitile
Easy and flexible multi-tile atoms
by Gughunter | Jun 26 2004
Tags: admin
Show users a handy list of icons to warn them of objectionable content.
by TrashHalo | Dec 21 2004
Tags: text
String manipulation functions
by Deadron | Jul 12 2001
Tags: time
Create unique calendars for your game world.
by Wizkidd0123 | Mar 14 2005
Tags: text
A library that allows you to check strings to see if they're either completely uppercase or lowercase.
by Dantom | Mar 23 2001
Tags: cgi
CGI library for web applications.
by Deadron | Jun 1 2001
Creating, saving, and loading player characters.
how to make your game communicate remotely with a host server
by Shadowdarke | Oct 18 2001
Tags: maps
Customizable random dungeon generator
by DarkView | Apr 15 2005
Tags: effects
A basic spell casting system.
by Dantom | Nov 29 2002
Tags: database
Access databases from DM.
by Deadron | Jan 1 2002
Tags: debugging
Debug your games by looking inside objects or savefiles at runtime.
by Wizkidd0123 | Jun 5 2005
Tags: html
Ever seen the tags in the developer forum, and wished that your project could create that effect too? With this ...
by Lummox JR | Apr 18 2003
Tags: screen-text
An advanced text-on-map library
by Lummox JR | Oct 26 2008
Tags: screen-text
An advanced text-on-map library for BYOND 4.0
by Shadowdarke | May 26 2001
Filters messages for emotes and emoticons then displays an apropriate balloon over the mob's head using Spuzzum's ...
by Wizkidd0123 | Dec 23 2004
This demo will teach you one of the many ways to make a working equipment system.
by Deadron | Jun 2 2001
Tags: events
An automatic event loop for controlling your game.
by ACWraith | Nov 4 2006
Tags: events
A library for handling what happens and when. (Events and triggers.)
by Flick | Feb 16 2003
Tags: interface
An easy to use menu system for your games.
by Flick | Apr 7 2002
Tags: colors
A GUI color selection library
by Dantom | Apr 4 2001
Tags: html
Simple project using htmllib to make an HTML form in a BYOND game.
by Flick | Jan 27 2003
Tags: movement
Client view movement similar to the Age of Empires style
by Flick | Jan 11 2004
A text mode version of F_Color_Selection
by Crispy | Jan 31 2003
Tags: admin
"And STAY out!"
by Deadron | Jan 1 2002
Tags: movement
Helpful functions for handling directions and random movement.
by Gughunter | Sep 6 2002
Tags: autojoin
An easy way to incorporate large terrain graphics into your game.
by Gughunter | Feb 5 2002
Tags: maps
An easy, if cheesy, method of creating 3D-like elevated terrain.
by Crispy | Feb 22 2003
Tags: hud
Let players drag HUD objects around to customize their screen layout!
by Crispy | Oct 13 2002
Tags: help
Quickly and easily implement a help system with a tree structure for help topics.
by Wizkidd0123 | Jun 9 2005
Tags: html
HTML Censor library allows your program to go through strings, allowing some tags, and disallowing others. Attributes ...
by Dantom | Mar 23 2001
Tags: html
HTML library featuring form generation.
by Shadowdarke | Feb 6 2005
Tags: effects, hud
A simple library for managing single tile and multi-tile meters on the HUD.
by Lummox JR | Dec 27 2002
Tags: autojoin, icons
Utility: Create a set of autojoiner icons from source icons you supply.
by Lummox JR | Dec 7 2008
Tags: art, icons
A library for manipulating icons and colors
by YMIHere | Jun 25 2004
Tags: icons
Free turf, obj, and mob icons.
by Audeuro | Jul 26 2006
Tags: config, files, ini
Want to write up a nice .ini file for configuration? Here's just the utility to do it with!
by TheMonkeyDidIt | Jul 11 2006
Tags: isometric
Isometric 'over the shoulder' display system. Includes simultaneous display of up to 5 z levels, roof removal, gravity, ...
by Jtgibson | Jan 24 2007
Tags: math
A fully-featured object-oriented suite of floating-point vector and coordinate functions to break free of the boundaries ...
by Loduwijk | Jul 5 2005
Tags: macros
Detect client information and add KeyUp/KeyDown functions
by Kuraudo | Aug 9 2009
Tags: text
Add quicklinks such as google:hello and id:23 to your game.
by Kuraudo | Aug 20 2009
Tags: dll, regex
Add regular expression functionality to your projects
by Deadron | Jan 1 2002
List sorting functions.
by AbyssDragon | Oct 30 2001
Tags: maps
Assign names to maps in place of z levels
by Crispy | Jan 22 2003
Tags: maps
Display automatically created maps of entire Z levels in browser windows!
by Gughunter | Jul 15 2002
Tags: effects
An easy way to add Times Square-style news marquees to your game.
by YMIHere | May 29 2004
Tags: multitile
A mob icon that takes up two tiles, and some overlays for it.
by AbyssDragon | Apr 2 2003
Tags: text
Methods for randomly creating names
by AbyssDragon | Jul 2 2002
Tags: parser, text
A simple universal parser
by Theodis | May 20 2005
Tags: pathfinding
A library containing implementations of the A* and Dijkstra algorithms.
by Wizkidd0123 | Jan 8 2005
Tags: art
This library is designed to handle pixel functions. The staple of the library is icon.Pixel(px,py,original_loc) which ...
by Shadowdarke | May 10 2005
Tags: projectiles
Pixel based directional projectiles
by Audeuro | Apr 7 2007
Tags: admin
Ever had a remote server, but weren't sure how to handle things such as giving the host powers and whatnot? Well, fear ...
by Shadowdarke | Jul 24 2002
Tags: effects
Demo of the Shadowdarke's RoofLib library.
by Shadowdarke | Apr 1 2004
Tags: interface
A powerful and flexible alternative to the built in alert() proc.
by Spuzzum | May 19 2001
Tags: screen-text
Version 2.1! -- Flashes damage numbers above targets when you smite them. Of course, it doesn't have to be for damage ...
by Shadowdarke | Dec 12 2002
Tags: effects
Fast and easy dynamic lighting
by Shadowdarke | Mar 6 2002
Tags: procs
A collection of general purpose procs I use often in my own projects.
by Shadowdarke | Jan 20 2002
Tags: screen-text
Display text on any atom! Includes mobile chat balloons and client.screen (HUD) based text/input boxes.
by Shadowdarke | Aug 23 2004
Tags: browser
Navigate lists of datums through a collapsable tree view.
by Shadowdarke | Mar 6 2006
Take control of your popup windows!
by AbyssDragon | Dec 9 2001
Tags: math
All-Purpose Expression Evaluator (mostly mathematical at this point)
by Shadowdarke | Oct 11 2006
Tags: math
by Kuraudo | Jul 20 2009
Tags: events
Signals and slots truly make event-handling fun and intuitive!
by DarkView | Apr 15 2005
Tags: spawn
A simple monster respawning technique.
by Shadowdarke | Apr 19 2004
Tags: minigame
Base code for a wide variety of minigames that fit within a single 32x32 tile.
by Lummox JR | Jan 1 2006
Tags: emoticons
An extensible smiley library
by AbyssDragon | Mar 15 2003
General-Purpose List-Sorting Routines
by Shadowdarke | Jan 24 2006
Tags: sound
Easy access to all of BYOND 3.5's nifty sound features.
by Crispy | Feb 24 2003
Tags: player-info
Easily create spectators who can't interfere with the game.
by Unknown Person | Dec 8 2005
Tags: stats
A simple demo that shows you how to let the user pick their stats by using credits.
by Deadron | May 3 2001
Tags: beginner, source
A complete little game with lots of comments explaining exactly how everything works. A great starting point for your ...
by Lummox JR | Oct 22 2002
Load, save, and reuse temporary maps for unlimited worlds
by Lummox JR | Apr 8 2005
Tags: text
A configurable name generator based on Werd
by Lummox JR | Jan 6 2006
Tags: html
Highlight DM code in easy HTML output for chat or CGI applications
by Deadron | Dec 24 2002
Tags: debugging
A test framework that makes it very easy to test your game, using Extreme Programming principles.
by Deadron | Jul 12 2001
Tags: text
Various text-related functions you might find useful, including reading files into lists and replacing words in strings.
by Audeuro | Jan 3 2007
Tags: time
Simple, yet accurate timer.
by ACWraith | Aug 18 2004
Tags: turns
Handle turns for any datum (whether it's a mob or not).
by Gughunter | Jan 20 2003
Tags: html, maps
Display your map levels as text or HTML with clickable links.
MotionTracker lets you track motion!
by Gughunter | Jun 11 2003
Tags: admin
A simple system for enforcing time delays -- use for spam prevention, movement, spellcasting, whatever you like!
by Unknown Person | Jan 20 2008
A flexible browser library that allows easy implementation and usage of browser interfaces, windows, and forms using ...
by Audeuro | Jan 28 2007
Tags: admin
Managing verbs, you say? No problem!
by Deadron | Mar 15 2003
Tags: files, xml
Reads and writes XML files, letting you access the contents as an object tree.
by Dantom | Dec 8 2000
Tags: beginner, source
A simple project to get you started.