For some reason, I cannot get DreamSeeker to show a list of verbs when I say:

var/list/verb_list = typesof(/verb)
var/verb/Verb = input("","",0) in list(verb_list)

I have also tried:

var/verb/Verb = input("","",0) as anything in typesof(/verb)


Mob.verbs+= input("","") as anything in typesof(/verb)

But I always get this error:

runtime error: wrong type of value for list
proc name: Give Player Verb (/verb/Give_Player_Verb)
usr: Dreq (/mob/Client)
src: Dreq (/client)
call stack:
Dreq (/client): Give Player Verb(Dreq (/mob/Client))

And yes i tried without 'as anything'.. And the list never shows.... Any ides?
I don't think you can use typesof() like that, unfortunately. You can do verbs += typesof(/mob/whatever/verb), but apart from that typesof() and verbs don't mix too well.

Also, surely it should be /mob/verb or /mob/something/verb rather than /verb? =P
In response to Crispy (#1)
Nope, /verb is what I am trying to use. I want to be able to add any verb to the user's verb list.
In response to Dreq (#2)
There's a "verbs" list that contains every verb for a given atom.
In response to Nadrew (#3)
Well i tried world.verbs, but a no-go.. how else would I allow a user to choose any verb in the game from a list?
In response to Dreq (#4)
You'd have to create a prototype of all objects that you want to check, because logically to view something of something else it would have to exist.

var/obj/something/S = new()
for(var/V in S.verbs)
usr << V

That would effectivly output all of the object's verbs, b