Is there a way I can do the oppisite of compile and de compile a file to get the script to look at?
There are decompilers known to exist, created by members of the community, however, they do not share them. I think one of them did decompile games, if you could have proved it was your source.

However, even if the source was decompiled, it would look nothing like the program some one originally wrote. It wouldn't even look like DM in most cases.
If you want to know how to do something you see in another game, you could always contact the owner.
Or potentially look for a demo by using the search feature.
XD I actually have tried to make an extractor but then again I am only 14 and I want something to work off, I am not really the kind of guy who takes 6 months making a game.
And that's why decompilers are safe-guarded. Decompiling someone's game with the intention of stealing their code base will land you in hot water.

Also, not to be rude but if you aren't willing to take the time to learn the language, making games may not be for you.
Quick BTW:
If i did get someone's source code from a file in a .dm files and there images, I would keep it (I am not hiding anything) and I would make me the owner so I know what its like to be an owner ;D
You do realize that's stealing right?
I don't believe you'd be able to create a hub entry on such a 'rip.'

Actually, that is the definition of a rip.
You don't want to become someone like that.
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That's called ripping, and it's heavily frowned upon.
I wouldn't release the source.
It doesn't matter if you release it or not.
It's still considering stealing.
u do have a point =\ though.
I got the paths of the game like the obj tree, mob tree and all that.
Are you attempting to steal sources, or build your own (original) game? I'm a bit confused.
eh.... kinda of both.
I feel you'd be much better off designing your own games.
Try out some of the demos, and don't just copy and paste.
Actually examine the code, play around with it and see what makes it tick!
Then try to incorporate it into your own game.

Using ripped sources is like getting advise from a primary school teacher instead of a college professor, you just don't do it! :)
You wont be able to get anything with that, your game wont get listed. Just learn and do it by yourself. (It's easy!)
Okay, anyone know where I can get a Duel Monster Demo?
It's more than that. You want to break it down into little pieces and figure out what you would need.

You would probably need
- Some kind of turn based system.

- A way of keeping track of user's cards (lists?)

Stuff like that.
You want to break it down into pieces that you can search the DM Guide on.
Not just 'How do I do X?'