Oh, there's some fucked up shit on DeviantArt you should probably take a look at.
I'm pretty sure if it had graphics, Dwarf Fortress would be banned from almost all countries in the world. You can rip out a person's intestines and strangle him with them, cut off a peron's head and throw it around like a toy, kick someone in the face and have their head explode into bits of brain, skull, and flesh, and so much more.

DF is better off being a complex-as-balls game with no graphics.
Duelmaster409 wrote:
Toadfish wrote:
Oasiscircle wrote:
And the interface has to house tens of thousands of commands in a very small space, so I challenge you to do better in an ASCII game interface.

Here: click.

Abandon ASCII interface, get some volunteers from the community (the guys who make a new tileset every day or so) to draw something which looks rational. Also abandon "tens of thousands of commands" in favor of a few dozen context sensitive commands. Problem solved.

The appeal of the game is the ASCII and the thousands of commands. Plus, it's easier for Toady to work on the GAME and not have to worry about graphics if he uses ASCII representation.

1) The appeal of the game is its advanced simulator. You might enjoy the terrible interface and unorganized mess of commands, but this is by no means consensus, and I have seen very few people 'praise' this aspect of DF as compared to the amount of people deterred from playing it due to.
2) The interface is as much part of the game as anything else - and right now it is much more integral he improves the interface than build up the already highly impressive simulator. More simulator features can come later.
As for the graphics, they could be abstract (like current tilesets, DUH), thus making the game both safe for work and better looking. But where did I mention organism graphics? I am criticising the interface.
Duelmaster409 wrote:
Let's not forget the fact that Dwarf Fortress randomly generates entire organisms when you hit the underground. You can have gigantic cows with 30 eyes and two heads, that also is crossbred with a spider and can spit venom and has acid blood.

How the FUCK do you represent that with graphics?

http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2368/ 2169050955_8834aa0d41.jpg <-- this would most likely be the best representation
That is the cutest alien I've ever seen. Do you have an enlarged version I could use for my desktop?
Is DF really a obscure game? Of all indie games, I hear of this one the most along with Minecraft.

DF, along with Haven & Hearth, have the same problem with me. They give me a lengthly text document as a guide and tell me to play the game using it. Unfortunately, I, and many others are "learn while doing" types.

The first time I tried it, I watch a world form, saw some icons moving around, and tried to kill the cats I had in the inventory.
I really like DF. It's one of those games I play when I have a lot of time to kill, and it ends up spilling over and causing me to procrastinate about doing other, more important things.
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