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Game developer, primarily programmer with amateur graphic art interests.


Feb 13 2015, 12:52 pm
I am an adult: mortgage, job, etc. It was way easier to work on major hobby projects in highschool/university.

I'd love to spend more time working on games, it is one of the most entertaining hobbies I have. However you need to have a much bigger block of time or it becomes tinkering with ideas and abandoning them.

Sorry for the late reply. I do not check my accounts very often.
Tallgeese III
Dec 11 2013, 1:21 am
What's the reason behind quitting re-working on GOA?

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by DvK87 | Aug 21 2012
A cross between minecraft, harvest moon, and a diablo style combat system.

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by Foomer | Aug 4 2009
Tags: autojoin
A library that makes it easy to create autojoining turfs or objects using 13, 16 or 47 states.
by Forum_account | Dec 1 2011
Tags: macros
A library for handling keyboard input.

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