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Life's a sandbox and I've got a shovel. Can you dig it?

EGUY's Favorite Games

by EGUY | Feb 17 2010
A tile-based board game of digitally divine proportions!
by EGUY | Oct 26 2004
Tags: arcade, pvp
An arcade game that uses early arcade game machine graphics.
by EGUY | Jan 12 2008
Five on five snowball fight!
by Thorg | Jul 6 2003
Tags: action, zombies
The City of Metropolis is crawling with Zombies! Only 8 humans remain? will they survive?

EGUY's Favorite Resources

by Deadron | Jun 1 2001
Creating, saving, and loading player characters.
by Spuzzum | May 19 2001
Tags: screen-text
Version 2.1! -- Flashes damage numbers above targets when you smite them. Of course, it doesn't have to be for damage ...
by Shadowdarke | Apr 20 2004
Tags: minigame, source
Full blown checkers minigame in just 32x32 pixels
by Deadron | Jul 12 2001
Tags: text
Various text-related functions you might find useful, including reading files into lists and replacing words in strings.