This is exactly how I play Skyrim:

No quests, no being a hero, just running around throwing fireballs at people. It's a shame they made the children invincible - I tried to kill that one boy from the first town and got pissed once I saw I was doing no damage. Damn you Bethesda and your impervious youngsters!
isn't that how everybody plays skyrim?
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Nah, some people want to be lame and save the world. Only a select few Dragonborn have the guts to be ruthless villains.
I prefer to play Chinchilla Dave style.
3:15 in that video... I died to that trap. It happened so fast, I thought one of the skeletons did it because I never got a chance to see the huge wall spikey, pushey thing of death. Scared the hell out of me too.
This was utterly amazing. +1 rep. | D