What could prevent me from logging into a game? There was someone hosting my game on their machine, everyone else can join just fine, but when I try to I get "Access Denied". I'm not pager banned by the host of the game, cause I can add him and page him, and I'm not banned from the server... anyone know what's up?
Access Denied means banned.
In response to Airjoe (#1)
Banned from what? I'm not banned from the server and I'm not pager banned by the host.
In response to Enigmaster2002 (#2)
The server and the pager banned host are the same thing....

Well, that's the only thing. Access denied means banned.
In response to Airjoe (#3)
The host has to be lying to you. You get that message when you're banned.
In response to Camaro (#4)
I can add the host to my pager, and I've been talking to him...
In response to Enigmaster2002 (#5)
You're sure he's the host?
In response to Airjoe (#6)
100% sure.
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How do you know he's the host. Seriously, I think Access Denied is only visible when are banned by the host; like when your IP is trying to connect to the server.

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Another possibility is that you're NOT banned by the host on the key you're using to page him. You may be banned by another of the person's keys.
In response to Camaro (#8)
Access denied can mean other things, i know because i have had it pop up at me.