Free Naruto HUD.

(C+P that one)
(Left parts Blank so you could Customize it so it fits your game.)

Alright, if you look, There is a outline of a man in black, and 3 bars to the right.
Now, this is a pretty unique HUD in the fact that you can show chakra points,and etc.Ill get to that in a minute. First the basics about the HUD.

1. Bar 1 (Top Bar)
-This is your Health Bar. Pretty General, etc.
2. Bar 2 (Middle Bar)
-This is your Chakra Bar. Again, Pretty General if you know what Naruto is.
3. Bar 3 (Bottom Bar)
-This is your Experience Meter. This shows how far you are from a level, etc.

Now, for the Body part of the HUD.
This part of the HUD shows Chakra Pressure Points.

Lets use this situation for example.
Player unleashes his demon!

This shows the players Chakra is bursting with more power, due to the change in color from blue to red.

How about another Situation?
Player gets hit by Hyuuga Whats-his-face in his Chakra Pressure Points!

This shows a disturbance with the user's chakra, so the user can easily figure out what is wrong, without a chance of the text of the battle getting lost in a sea of text.

Does it really need to be two tiles tall?
In response to SuperAntx (#1)
Probably not, But readability improves that way.
Like ant said it would be better to have it one tile height wise, Then just add overlays for the body damage areas.
In response to Chris-g1 (#3)
This is really nice
I'll have to agree with Antx and Chris...
Would be a great transparent 32pixel height HUD.
Maybe add some more detail Because it's pretty choppy and the body shape is a bit off anyways.