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You look like an idiot when you complain about an anime-fan game being ripped of anything. EVERYONE who complains about anime-fan games being ripped looks like a moron, really. Does it use the same "source"? Your fault for basing your game engine on a popular, buggy, pre-existing "source". If that's not the case, someone along the line distributed the source to untrustworthy people which is entirely YOUR fault. If it's just the icons that have been stolen, you'd best just ignore them. If the opposing Naruto game has more gameplay than you overall, it's the better game. Unless you've gone and copyrighted your artwork, which would be impossible because your artwork is based off an already copyright anime, you have really no right to be complaining.

tl;dr: The BYOND staff won't really do much about this. They have other things to worry about.

First of all, the only idiot here its you...talking about like we said in Art society, if someone make smthing it belongs to him =/, if you dont know what copyright signify then dont talk about(Copyright is something where we write we have[or you have]Full rights to use anyhting).And 2d, i want to say you, there's lot of ways to Rip full source, and i just started that topic cause Someone(i dont know to tell his id) has said me to post here.
I REALLY dont care about that game cause its a coding and it fails with bases i want a mod close that topic or smthinmg like that
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Congratulations, you made almost NO sense there. It seems you misinterpreted my message, so I'll clarify; nobody honestly cares if an anime game is "ripped". It's extremely hard to gain a source by brute methods because Dream Seeker is server-based. Judging by the hub, the rip was made by a couple of kids who don't know anything about proper h4xoorsezzes.
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