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Yesterday, 1:48 pm
I don't run an HU server anymore. I didn't have GMs on mine, because they're only human, and all humans are trash. I doubt the subscription system goes through mine.
Shadow rider2
Sunday, 12:26 pm
i was about buy a subscription and gms abusing power if he mute me for giving my opinion what if he would have bann me after buying sub?
Shadow rider2
Sunday, 12:26 pm
falacy i know u wont read this. but i would appreciate if you could help whit you game HU GMS Pine is abusing and muting people and disrespecting them calling them retard stupid ect ect i told him few times dont disrespect me because i'm not disrespecting you. a gm suppose to keep order not break it. he mute me for giving my opinion about Clan wars. if that happened to me. it will happened to others. you game is not dying You'r GM'S are killing you'r game you trust them. if you read this which i know u wont. I hope if you can do something about it. please and thanks i been whit you in Hu since 2007.
Sep 7 2017, 5:51 pm
bring up a new dbz game

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