Falacy wrote:
Was that legit? I considered a troop limit

Yeah, it's legit. It was lagging so bad that I closed the game after taking that screenshot.

I started another game, slowly built an army all the way around the perimeter of the map, and it's been running for about 3 hours now w/ auto-start. I'm probably dead (it's on another computer half-way across town), but I'm curious to see how far it got (or if my computer overheated).

long story short: dark mages' fire attack is overpowered.
Gakumerasara wrote:
It was lagging so bad that I closed the game after taking that screenshot.

I only calculated CPU usage for enemies, not 1,000+ extra troop AIs running =P
awsome :D
I've found something you really should sort out.
The window size is way too large - I had to scroll my taskbar down as far as it'll go just to be bale to place units, and I'm on a relatively large screen resolution. It'll be impossible to play for many poeple, especially if they're on older monitors which cannot support large neough screen resolutions.

So, basically, make the window smaller to account for this.
You should be able to play the game fine on a 1024x768 resolution or higher.
I've never considered using the mages much until now. Thank you Gaku!
Version 3 Available - Update Notes In-Game. Also changed the hub icon.
Andyextreme42king wrote:
I've never considered using the mages much until now. Thank you Gaku!

No mages = no win.
- there are way too many waves of the exact same thing over and over and over again. after the first couple of waves ended, i've spent 98% of my time just being AFK with auto-start on as my troops kill every single thing. you should have much fewer waves that incorporate new types of enemies much sooner

- when you restart the game with the in-game restart command, the gold and wave counts aren't updated

- add a toggle for the sound and music. i like it, but i'd like to be able to turn it off sometimes (particularly after hearing the arrow shot noise for the 87 billionth time), and BYOND's default handling of sound toggling is way too inconvenient

- units leveling up only seems to encourage the "design 1 optimal set up and then go AFK for 48 hours while the game endlessly sends easy waves" concept, since you don't have to do anything at all yet you become more and more powerful automatically

- lower the font size in the tooltips, remove the learned upgradess list from them (since they can easily be seen by looking at the upgrades themselves), and instead display the unit's stats. there's not much strategy to be had when you have no clue how strong a level 10 wizard is compared to a level 1 warlord. plus i have no clue what the unit ranges are so i can't really design placements without tons of trial and error

- the HUD is pretty ugly (random mixtures of colors, blocky, mismatched) and unnecessarily large- i'd like if the tooltips were larger instead.

- let us also mouse over the enemies to get tooltip info on what they're called, basic stats/info, etc

-having extremely common enemies with complete immunities to certain forms of attack doesn't promote strategy, it just makes certain builds nonviable and mandates x amount of y units. instead, just make it a really bad idea to have, for example, nothing but archers vs armored knights (and make units automatically prioritize their optimal target so archers don't end up shooting enemies with 80% resistance to arrows first)

that's all i can think of right now. i know it's an alpha and much of the stuff i mentioned is already planned, but you asked for it so i gave it
bugged or something
Dunno why it wasn't working...
Version 5 Available. I'll make a new blog post once the map builder is implemented. Trying to figure out a file sharing system, without needing the player to host.
I AM using that screen resolution, roughly. Even with the taskbar dragged down as low as it'll go the full screen is not visible.
TARDIS wrote:
I AM using that screen resolution, roughly.

Roughly? What resolution are you actually using?
Dunno whether it's been reported buuuuuuuut

Auto-Start is a bit buggy sometimes. There have been times when the box is unchecked and the waves continue coming.

It might have something to do with the box already being checked when it's game over and then you start the next round. Not completely sure though o.0

Also, the things revived by saints are deleted basically a second later...
Already fixed for next update
I think there should be a Third Tier Ranger unit as well. Seems a little unfair to them, although the ranged thing is good, their damage doesn't seem to make up for it vs Dark mages. Also, it seems as if Paladins (and possibly Dark Knights) get the bonuses of the Melee troops. Is this intentional? If so that's cool. I wish the default map was just a little bigger... also, Saints could stand to have like 50 hp or something as opposed to being just as weak as healers and wizards. They do cost 1000. Also the range on revive sucks, heh.
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