Something else I'm noticing: say you buy an upgrade for the power of melees early on. Any melees you purchase after that time will not have the power upgrade in question, thus you'll have to purchase another at a higher price to upgrade your new ones, but they won't be as strong as the melees you've had before. I personally think that if you purchase an upgrade, it should have a fixed variable and apply to any/all units of that class you purchase.
Thanks for the bug reports, both of these problems have been fixed for the next version.
I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but goblin archers are no longer showing up, at least I haven't noticed them anyway.

On another note, are light mages supposed to increase in level as they heal, or is that only if they kill enemies with Break once it's implemented?
The enemies var in the stat panel is messed up. After I lost and it restarted, it now says like 67/40 instead of 40/40.
Ah, that must be what was breaking it before
Gold bug?
They only share gold in certain situations. The starting 1,000 gold is shared, and if a player logs out, their remaining gold is put into a shared pot. I'm also thinking of adding a mode where all gold goes into the shared pot. And I do think it needs better separation of the player vs pot gold.
I'm not sure how you got to 48, but otherwise that's how its supposed to work?
From the starting 1,000 gold, yes.
Man you made it tougher! Had to adjust my strategy but I got it down now :P
You should add like... I want to call them perks, perhaps I'm thinking of special class abilities. Such as when you begin you choose to have like 5% more gold but your range upgrades cost 20% more or things like that. Upgrade costs, Class costs, things like that. Perhaps?
I would like some sort of customization/permanent progression for Kings, and maybe even some sort of story-like campaign they can run through for loot. And maybe giving Kings the option to switch between or make use of all class powers. Clicking an enemy to cast fire, or a troop to heal them. On top of running into enemies and such.
I'm also thinking about diversifying the classes. Instead of just having a dark mage, and a better dark mage; have one that casts fire, one for ice, one for lightning, and maybe a necromancer - though I'm not sure how a necromancer would work.
I'd think it would be cool for the necromancer to either
1) Bring your men back to life once after they die.
2) Steal from Diablo 2 and make them be able to poison enemies!
Adding to what Ganing said, what about after an enemy has died, the necromancer can revive the enemy and make it work for the king? - Brainwash.
That's more or less the plan. The question is, how should the enemies work once they're revived.
Perhaps they can be used as useless walls to slow the enemy from getting to you. Just walls of carcus
lol why would you need to revive them then?
Make bosses give more than 10 Gold.
Bug: I think you can send your gold to the bosses by double clicking them.
-Revive Enemies once until their corpse disappears.
-Revive Allies once until their corpse disappears.
---1) Half their HP
---2) Half their Attack/Defense

Revived Enemies:
1) Walk out of the map killing as many enemies as possible
2) Walk into Castle and then the Necromancers King can decide weather to get 10 Gold from it or make it a unit which costs 100 gold.

?? Too uber?


Um, after Game Reset or even after Losing, your Kings Level doesn't reset back to Level 1... Is that a bug or is it meant to be like this?
Maydrian1 wrote:
Make bosses give more than 10 Gold.

I second this.
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