Would it be possible to make it so that anytime anybody replies to any post in a topic in which you've posted; you get notified about it on the pager? Or at least when they post something in a topic that was created by you. As it is right now, its quite possible (and somewhat frequent) to miss out on information directly relating to something that you posted; unless you're constantly refreshing the forums.
Maybe something like the Blog/Review system, where once you post somewhere, you automatically get subscribed (I think?), then you can unsubscribe when you're no longer interested.

And also possibly make it so that if somebody edits a post (in a subscribed thread) which you have already read/replied to, you can get pager notification about it.
A check box when editing (off by default) that gives users the option of sending out pager notifications or not. Since if all they're doing is fixing a typo or something else small; you wouldn't really want/need to be notified.

These could/should(if implemented) be preferences changeable by the user.
I agree to this, as I have missed plenty of info that I should have read by this. If not auto-subscription, one could always put a checkbox "Subscribe to this topic," or something.
This has already been asked, search before suggesting.
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Jeff8500 wrote:
This has already been asked, search before suggesting.

Feel free to link to the others if you think that.
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"Forum Alert"

lol would you have preferred that I bump year+ old topics? Plus I made an additional request for edit notification.
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Yeah, it's better than making clone topics.

[EDIT]: And that post only 6 months old.